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Lombard St. Bike & Bus Lane



The Lombard St. bike & bus lane returns between President & Hopkins Place.  My buddy Mark & I just rode it and witnessed NO MOVING VIOLATIONS.  We even passed a bus at Hanover St.  The lane ends at Greene St. where the University of Maryland Baltimore begins reconstruction of the trauma center.  Once complete (in a couple years), a green bike lane will be included, expanding Lombard’s bike facilities westward.

Sunday Ride

Despite the heat warnings and my better judgment, an opportunity to ride will rarely go unheeded.  I had a few hours to get out, so I hit the trails along Big Gunpowder Falls.  Below is the highlight of the ride; a great place to chill

N 39 25.239 W 76 28.546

This is a bike?

I saw this unique bike on the boards in Ocean City

Frederick Avenue Road Diet

If you’ve pedeled Frederick Avenue lately, you may have noticed some changes.  There are some fresh layers of asphalt between Hilton and Beechfield, but its the paint that makes the difference.  The Department of Transportation is installing bike lanes from the city line to the Gwynns Falls Trail as part of the city’s first major “road diet”.  A road diet is a technique where travel lanes are reconfigured; typically converting road with 4 travel lanes to 2 travel lanes, a center-turn lane and 2 bike lanes.


Frederick Ave at Augusta

Other benefits of the Frederick Avenue Road Diet include:

  • Full bike lanes (not sharrows) on a major arterial road
  • Bike connection to the Gwynns Falls Trail
  • While the bike lanes end at the city line, Baltimore County and the State Highway Administration are looking at extending these lanes westward.  If done, this will make Baltimore’s bicycle network REGIONAL! 


Please join me in thanking DOT’s Deputy Director Jamie Kendrick for making these new bike lanes a reality!

Should it?

Wyman Park Drive Bike Box

Wyman Park Intersection - Before

I’ve received many complaints about the “pocket” bike lane at the intersection of Wyman Park Drive, Sission Street and Keswick Ave (see above).  While the lane was a good experiment to get cyclists away from right-turning vehicles, it created a mid-intersection conflict zone for cyclists & cars going straight.

Wyman Park Intersection - After

The recent repaving of Wyman Park Drive is an opportunity to improve the intersection.  Instead of a pocket lane, we’ll install the city’s first bike box!  Here, cyclists will still have the ability to avoid right turning vehicles, while moving to the front of the line.  With the bike box, cyclists will have the ability to access the sidepath, proceed straight through the intersection onto Wyman Park, or turn left onto Keswick Ave.  A lane for each turning direction will be created adding clairy for drivers.

Look for the city’s first bike box within the coming months!

Artscape Weekend, Pt 2

Bike-related scenes from ArtscapeYou are now entering the Bike Parking Zone

Despite ample bike parking, there were still dozens of bikes locked to signs, lightpots & meters.Handcrafted local bikes from Baltimore Bicycle Works

Local framebuilder Tom Nash (center) discusses his craft after a demonstration.

Bicycle related artRobert McClintock’s Biceclette di Bologna

Artscape Weekend, Pt 1

Artscape is B’more’s Mardi Gras.  As a B’more lifer, that’s how I describe it.   The largest free arts festival in the nation has represented the artistian community of the mid-Atlantic for more that a quarter century.  The past two years, it has recognized the Baltimore bike culture.

Mark Counselman is a local bike activist who spent many years in Chicago.  There he was active in the cycling community and learned the tricks of trade.  When bike parking at Artscape was announced last year, Mark stepped up and applied the skills he learned in Chi’town.  In 2009, Artscape’s bike parking hosted about 700 participants.  It was PACKED!  This year, Mark worked with BOPA to expand the bike parking INTO Maryland Avenue.  Big thanks go out to Mark for helping supply area cyclists with a place to park during Artscape. 

As started under former Mayor Sheila Dixon’s Friday Ride, it’s been an tradition to take a bike ride through Artscape before it opened.  Seven of us started out from City Hall, through the JFA parking lot and almost out to Fallsway when ride faithful Gary was hit head-on by a motorist making a wide right into the parking lot.  Gary and the motorist were fine, but Gary’s rim was history.  The police responded and filled out a report in a very professional manner.  When the officer asked, “Why would you ride bikes in the city?”  the answers were plentiful: 

“Because we live here” 

“It’s fun” 

“I love it.” 

“Baltimore’s a great place to ride”

Besides, you can’t bike through Artscape in a car.

Mayor’s Bicycle Advisory Committee July Meeting

Tuesday, July 20th 6pm
Baltimore City Department of Planning
417 E. Fayette St, 8th Floor

(Please bring your bikes up to the 8th Floor)


Agenda Items include:

  1. Bicycle Infrastructure updates
  2. Bicycle Friendly Community application
  3. Update on watershed mtn bike access
  4. “Cities for Cycling” planning

To add agenda items, please comment on this post of contact Nate Evans


After a very successful introductory year, Bike Parking at this weekend’s Artscape is back and bigger than before.  We are adding 10 bike racks, which will accommodate 50-70 additional bikes.  Park your bike at Maryland Ave. at Mt. Royal Ave. and receive a souvenir button as a thank you for their green efforts.

(but wait, there’s more)

Local frame builders Chris Bishop, John Hollands, Tommy Nash, and Tom Palermo will at Baltimore Bicycle Works to show off their artisan hand-crafted bicycle frames and provide a brazing demonstration at 3pm on Saturday, July 17th.

Come out and enjoy America’s largest free arts festival, park your bike, thank the bike parking volunteers & support Baltimore’s bicycle industry!

Ride Around the Reservoir

Last week, I stopped by Druid Lake to see how Baltimore City Recreation and Parks’ (BCRP) “Ride Around the Reservoir” was doing.  A gorgeous afternoon, there were plenty of takers for a spin. I talked with Jeff Ellis who runs the program.  “Every Wednesday, we’re here from 4:30 to 8pm offering bike rides for a $2 donation”  The “Ride” is in its 5th year. 

Despite having the cache of beach cruiser style bikes stolen two years ago, the Ride continues.  With about 100 bikes available, BCRP receives bikes through public donations and from the Howard County Police Department.  While many bikes require some tune-up, Ride Around the Reservoir probably has the largest bicycle fleet in town.

The Ride Around the Reservoir program offers city residents the chance to get on a bike in a beautiful setting and not have to worry about traffic.    Thanks to Jeff Ellis, Anne Colgan, Molly Gallant & everyone else who keeps the bikes and program running!