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For The Cyclist That Has Everything…

Do you have that friend or family member who loves bikes, but has just about everything? My wife would say I fall into this category. (Evidently, buying presents for me is a difficult task. Sorry, hon)

Over the past few years, we’ve been donating to World Bicycle Relief.  World Bicycle Relief is dedicated to providing access to independence and livelihood through the power of bicycles.  Founded by the SRAM Corporation and Trek Bicycles, WBR has been providing bikes, technical & logistics assistance for poverty assistance and disaster relief.    WBF was recently named one of the Top 25 Most Effective Philanthropies!

We know how great bicycling has benefitted our lives.  Imagine how a bike would revolutionize someone’s life in sub-Saharan Africa where the only real mode of transportation is walking.

So whether as a gft or year-end donation, consider helping share the gift of bicycling this holiday season!

Clipped Bike Cable for Christmas

Few things give you that stomach sinking feeling than returning to your bike and seeing your clipped cable on the ground; especially this time of year.  This cable was found on the ground on Howard St next to the Convention Center.  Given the lack of bike racks in the area, the fence along Howard St could be considered the city’s largest bike rack.

I hope whoever’s cable this is, gets a new bike for Christmas.  (My daughter is…)

Stoop Storytelling Looking For Your B’more Travel Stories

Maryland Humanities Council and The Stoop Storytelling Series present
“Moving Stories: Getting Around Baltimore”

Do you have a tale about riding the bus in Baltimore City? Do you feel safe walking or biking around town? Are you a taxi driver, a senior citizen or a carpooling mom? Do you take the light rail or subway? Do you get stuck in traffic every morning on the JFX? Do you kayak to school or take three busses? 

We are looking for storytellers to tell a five-minute true personal tale about their experiences of navigating Baltimore–the good, the bad, and the ugly–for “Moving Stories: Getting Around Baltimore” on February 10 from 6 -8:30 pm at The Walters Museum. Send three sentences about your idea to Beth Barbush at

If your story is chosen, you must be available to take part in a free Stoop Stories workshop with Laura Wexler and Jessica Henkin at the Maryland Humanities Council (108 West Centre Street, Baltimore) on Sunday, February 6 from 1 – 4:30 pm. You may have the opportunity to share your story in performance, print, or audio recording. Five performances of the stories will be presented at the Walters Art Museum on February 10, followed by small group discussions and debates on transportation issues.

For more information, visit the Maryland Humanities Council website here or the Stoop Story Telling site here.

B’More Chilly Winter Biking Contest

You ride your bike every winter in the snow, ice, and cold winds. You deserve some recognition, right? Here’s your chance be recognized as the B’More Chilly King or Queen.

We’re holding a contest on Foursquare to see who can bike and check-in to the most bike-related venues between January 10th and February 14th, 2011. The winner gets a $100 gift certificate to REI, a great place to buy winter weather gear. Everyone that participates will be recognized at the end of the contest. Here is a complete list of venues.   (Hint: click on “Tags” and there are 14 of them.)

To participate, please register for the contest by January 10th, 2011. We will e-mail you detailed instructions once you register. If you have a smart phone and don’t have a Foursquare account, now is a good opportunity to create one“Friend”  Bike Baltimore so we can track your progress.

Click here to register for the B’More Chilly Winter Biking Contest.


With all the different bike groups and events around Baltimore, we should collectively promote Bike Month in May 2011! 

A couple weeks ago, a group of us representing the Kinetic Sculpture Race, Bike to Work Day and Bike Jam tossed around a few ideas on how to promote biking and our events.  While these may be some of the bigger events planned for May, they aren’t the only ones.

I want to check to see what’s on your calendar.   Possible events include:

  • Trail maintenance days
  • Local races
  • Neighborhood rides
  • Advocacy Events (Call-a-thons)
  • Bike maintenance workshops

One thought that came out of our discussion was to have a punch card and points per event.  Whoever has the most points at the end of the month gets a “Golden Bike Rack” award (or something)

 Got Events?  Got Ideas?  Please post ‘em below!   We’re collecting ideas with promotion gearing up as winter dies down

December MBAC Meeting Update

Local cyclists mark a map on where they'd like bike lanes in central Baltimore

Thanks to all who braved the cold and came out to last night’s Mayor’s Bicycle Advisory Committee (MBAC) meeting.

Some quick updates from the meeting include:

  • signs for the Southeast & Park Heights bike networks coming soon
  • the “greening” of the President St bike lanes and Wyman Park bike box will happen in Spring 2011
  • the informational hearing with the Baltimore Police Department will take place Wednesday, January 26th
  • plenty of spots available for bike traffic verifiers from Jan. 11th – 13th
  • DOT taking ideas for Bike Month May 2011
  • Bike Maryland is hiring a program coordinator to assist with the bike ambassadors, Tour du Port planning and promoting bike -friendly legislation to the General Assembly

Holiday Lights Ride Review

After getting back from DC, I changed into my Santa suit and met up with friends at the Washington Monument.  We had about 30 people join us on a chilly December night.  Tim rolled up with speakers on a bike trailer, so we had a soundtrack for the ride.

Check out this video of us rolling up Charles St

We took our time up Charles St to 25th St, over to Huntington and up to Hampden via Remington.  34th St was packed on a Friday evening.  Myself and the other Santa were popular with the kids.  We made our way back to Mt. Vernon and called it a ride!  Here are some other shots from the evening…

Baltimore's 34th St


Tim’s Tunes Trailer

Tour of DC Bike Facilities

Jim Sebastian (center) describes the cycletrack on our tour

Friday, a group from Baltimore’s Department of Transportation (DOT) took a tour of some new bike lanes and cycletracks around Washington, DC.  The idea of the tour was initiated by Jennfier Toole of Toole Design Group during Baltimore’s Bike-Friendly Community regonition.  Representing B’more’s DOT was our new director Khalil Zaied, new Planning Division chief Theo Ngongang, planner Mark Brown, new bike planner Andie Murtha and myself.  We were joined by Eric Gilliland of NACTO, bike planners from DDOT, Philadelphia & Pittsburgh and engineers from Toole Design.

Bike Signal

We started at District Department of Transportation (DDOT) on the new Capital Bikeshare (CaBi) bikes at U St.  We made our way down the 15th St. cycletrack – bi-directional bike lanes between the curb and parked cars (with flex posts).  The southern end of the facility was still under construction, but we continued on to the White House and onto the Pennsylvania Avenue cycletrack.  This cycletrack is unique in that it runs down the center of the street! 

Check out a quick video of the Pennsylvania Ave cycletrack here

At Union Station, we toured the Bike Station and headed across E Street.  The road diet on E St. provided bike lanes from Columbus Circle to the White House.  Working our way back to DDOT, we headed up New Hampshire Ave and experienced a bicycle traffic signal at U St & 16th St. 

B'more DOT after a great bike ride around DC (L-R me, Andie Murtha, Khalil Zaied, Theo Ngongang & Mark Brown)

We wrapped up our spin without any wrecks or close calls.  It had been Theo’s first time on a bike in 10 years, Khalil’s first time in 30 years and both had a great ride.  Now, we’ll take ‘em for a ride around B’more!

Plan It 2035: Bike Lanes For Our Grandkids!

Like many urban areas in the country, the Baltimore region has an extensive transportation network — including highways, city streets, suburban and rural roads, bus lines, train tracks, bike lanes and trails. All of these modes of transportation have one thing in common: they help people and goods get where they need to go.

A great deal of money and time goes into maintaining and improving these modes of transportation. As a result, it is the responsibility of the Baltimore Regional Transportation Board to update the plan every four years.

Plan It 2035 is the next Long-Range Transportation Plan for the Baltimore Region.

The Baltimore Metropolitan Council’s Plan It 2035 wants to hear from you about big, long-term transportation projects.

Go to the interactive map here and post your ideas!

THINK BIG!  Hopefully, the era of cheap oil will be coming to a close by then and bike/transit will be the norm.  But just in case it isn’t, let the BRTB know what you want a future Baltimore to look like!

Delicatessan Northeast Bike Tour

Delicatessan Northeast Bike Tour starts at Wockenfuss Candy on Belair Rd, Saturday, December 18th at 3pm.  The tour stops at some of the delis in Northeast B’more ending at the Hamilton Arts Collective at 7pm.