Bike Planner Wanted!!!

Let there be no doubt that I love my job!  Given the workload and sometimes overwhelming challenge of adapting Baltimore to bikes, it tends to be too much for just one person.  Well, no longer!  The Department of Transportation has an opening for a part-time bicycle planner on a contractual basis.  The position will allow for 20 hours of work per week without benefits.

The qualified applicant will:

  1. have a basic civil engineering background, specifically signing & marking plans
  2. have experience with CAD (preferably MicroStation) and ArcGIS
  3. be an advanced (“pioneer”) cyclist and have a firm grasp of safe cycling practices
  4. be able to represent the City of Baltimore and Department of Transportation in a professional and responsible manner
  5. have a strong work ethic & be a fast learner!

Duties will include

1.  Performing feasibility studies for bicycle infrastructure including but not limited to evaluating pavement conditions, vehicular traffic data, active transportation traffic data and existing roadway design while providing support and assistance to engineering staff.

2. Preparing engineering plans, specifications and cost estimates of on-road bicycle facilities.  Reviewing constructions documents for bicycle accommodations.

3. Coordinating the expansion of bike parking across the city, designing bike parking facilities when necessary

4. Working with governmental and community groups to maximize bicycle facility potential

5. Utilizing GIS database to identify areas of improvement within the bicycle network and updating facilites as they are installed.

If this sounds like you, please send your resume and references to Nate Evans at

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