Have You Seen This Bike?

Our friend Michael Byrne got tackled at 20th and Charles last night and had his bike stolen.  Please keep an eye out for:

Blue Falcon, Fixed, Silver riser bars w/ red oury grips (pictured here)

If you see it on Craigslist, in pawnshops, or around town, call Michael at 503.715.7148

BE CAREFUL IN THIS AREA  – I have now heard 3 stories of cyclists getting jumped here

  • Harry

    Bummer. Mother f———!

  • Dukiebiddle

    Mine might be the other stories, but if not, I've been attacked twice on Guilford around 21st-22nd.

  • http://www.fitzgeraldbaltimore.com Chris

    That sucks! Definitely will keep an eye out and I'll spread the word about the bike and about attacks around 20th & Charles.

  • JJ101

    also some kids throwing rocks along the Jones Falls at cyclists, north of the Streetcar Museum in the evenings (around 5:15pm) this week

  • blackeye

    JJ101, yeah…I experienced that on Tuesday evening about that time or a little later. A group of kids (looked to be preteens) spread out across the road just north of the museum. They were yelling insults, spraying something out of a bottle that I think was just water, and throwing unidentified objects. Never had this happen on lower Falls Road before.

  • http://bike.baltimorecommutes.com Nate Evans

    I'm pretty sure I got your details from NBBB, but please send me specifics just to make sure

  • http://bike.baltimorecommutes.com Nate Evans

    Do you have any details on this one, JJ? Might be the same one listed in Dan Rodricks article

  • Malcolm

    My business is located around the corner from this, and I'm the person mentioned in the article in Dan Rodricks column the other day. I was informed since then that when calling 911 it would be wise to leave out the phrase “children throwing rocks” or whatever and substitute it with “aggravated assault, suspects on scene.” Let's get these kids off the streets. I'll keep my eyes open.

  • Malcolm

    Wow, those could be the same kids that did it to me at 3:00 pm on their way to the pool in Druid Hill Park.

  • blackeye

    They were definitely moving south on Falls, away from the park.

  • blackeye

    Meaning it could have been the same ones on their way back from the pool. Also, not all of them were engaged in active harassment…maybe only two or three at most. They were taking up the whole road AND the path, though, which made it impossible to avoid riding through their midst.

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